What is a Planer Board (Fishing, Boating)

A planer board is a device used in fishing to spread out multiple fishing lines and help anglers cover a wider area of water. It consists of a flat, buoyant board with a release clip attached to it, which is then attached to the fishing line.

The planer board is released into the water, and the fishing line is then reeled out to a desired length, with the board pulling the line away from the boat or shore. The planer board is then allowed to move freely in the water, allowing the angler to cover a wider area of water than they would be able to with a single fishing line.

When a fish bites, the planer board will be pulled under the water, indicating that a fish has been caught. The angler can then reel in the fishing line, along with the planer board and the caught fish.

Planer boards are especially useful when fishing for species that school, such as walleye, salmon, and trout, as they allow anglers to cover a larger area and increase their chances of catching multiple fish at once.

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